NASTD Names Karen Robinson 2020 Corporate Affiliate Committee chair: Texas IT Veteran Known for Building Bridges Between Public & Private Sectors

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We don’t just open doors; we provide the best approach for our clients to open the right doors for their goals by connecting ideas, IT solutions, and industry leaders.

KWR Strategies exists to help state-level decision-makers connect with the vendors uniquely suited to solve their IT challenges. Building on three decades of experience in state government, founder and CEO, Karen Robinson, has made herself indispensable to clients on both sides of the IT acquisition gap with her mix of old-school relationship building and new-school technology know-how.

KWR Strategies brings years of experience in building relationships and forging strategic bonds between IT leaders, helping to navigate the maze of requirements and processes necessary for successful ideas and efficient and cost-effective solutions. After serving for five years as Texas' Chief Information Officer, Karen appreciates the specific challenges of the public sectors and knows how to foster effective partnerships with private sector providers.

With a tested and successful approach, KWR simplifies the process for each client, with each step through concept, implementation and execution building on the others. This guided and nurturing approach produces results - it is not merely theory.

Productive use of resources is critical. A thorough analysis of each client’s goals encourages focus, promotes efficiency, and emphasizes results. Crystalizing these goals also fosters trust – and sidesteps pitfalls that waste time and resources.

KWR’s success in the public sector has provided the basis for building collaborative relationships that best serve the needs of our clients. An insightful understanding of our clients and their needs allows KWR to identify optimal partner relationships to fulfill the client’s requirements. KWR excels in fostering cooperative and transparent dialogue – increasing the exchange of information and the critical assessments necessary to efficiently craft a solution and execute on it.

But a plan is only as good as its execution – and KWR excels at execution.

how we work

KWR Strategies helps organizations achieve their goals

Establishing collaborative, mutually-beneficial relationships

Reaching across the aisles of both public and private business sectors

Combining and leveraging relationship competencies with precision

Connecting technology solutions with innovative strategies for building cross-sector teams